Thoughts on Preserving Local History
By Robert Griffith, Updated July 2013

I have visited museums of all sizes across Texas. At several, I asked, "How are you funded? How many members do you have? What programs do you employ? Do you receive support from the city, county, or school district? How many visitors do you attract? Do you have a budget? What kind of projects do you take on?" I have been surprised how candid workers are as they chronicle their triumphs and failures. A common theme is how conscientious, civic-minded individuals must overcome the pettiness of a few closed-minded people in their respective communities. That battle is still being fought in Burleson, and until the community comes together and decides to preserve its history, more buildings will continue to fall, and the stories of Burleson's pioneers and early shepherds will be lost.

What organizations need...

What organizations can do...


A Wish-List for Burleson

The ideas outlined above are taken from conversations with workers at -