Homecoming for Express Motor 330
By Michelle Griffith

BURLESON, TEXAS - On March 6, 2010 Express Motor 330 completed its last run to the Loyless Interurban Drugstore, opening a new chapter in the history of the first interurban express motor purchased by the Northern Texas Traction Company in 1902.

Shortly after dawn Saturday, Basden Steel & Erection and Big B Crane & Rigging carried the interurban car through the streets of downtown as volunteers with the Burleson Heritage Foundation and North Texas Historic Transportation, joined by City employees and citizens turned out for the car's long-awaited homecoming.

Fastening heavy-duty straps run beneath the car to a line from the boom crane anchored in the City Hall parking lot, the team slowly lifted Express Motor 330 from a trailer and deftly manuevered it into position on vintage wheel trucks below. After a dozen years of blood, sweat, and tears on the part of dozens of volunteers and sponsors, it took less than an hour to bring Express Motor 330 home.

Volunteers will continue to meet weekly to install the finishing touches on the car before it is opened to the public. For information about tours, contact the Burleson Heritage Foundation at (817) 447-1575. Continue to watch www.burlesonhistory.com for updates on this and all other happenings in preserving Burleson History.

The following pictures are copyrighted by Michelle Griffith.

Friday, March 5, 2010

Express Motor 330 loaded atop the trailer
at the old city service center on Main Street.

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Traveling west on Ellison Street,
the car nears its final stop.

The boom crane, assembled the previous
night in the City Hall parking lot, lifts
the 17,000-lb. car from the trailer.

Men take hold of lines to carefully guide
the car between the building and nearby kiosks.

Once set onto the trucks, the straps are taken out
while onlookers flock toward the car for pictures.

Express Motor 330 and the crane that got it
there, as seen from Warren Street, one block
west of the Burleson Heritage Visitors Center.

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Express Motor 330