Downtown Burleson Map

How to use this map:
- Click on the map to open a larger version in Adobe Acrobat.
- Zoom in using the magnifying glass on the top menu bar.
- Once open, click on the colored boxes to open a history of that lot's building in another browser.

The maker of this map, Michael H. Beard, and his wife Sherry, have a long history of involvement in Burleson. Mike is an independent historian, writing articles of historical and human-interest for the Cleburne Times-Review and Community Life magazine. Mike and Sherry's accomplishments include children's programs at the Burleson Public Library, a Texas State Historical Marker at the Loyless Interurban Drugstore, and leading a public campaign to save the Loyless Interurban Drugstore. This map is partially based on an 1892 map of Burleson.