George Washington Bransom Collection
By Robert Griffith, October 2008

George Washington Bransom (1843-1933) was Burleson's first mayor following incorporation, from 1912-1920 and again from 1924-1933. He was at one time Vice-President of the Continental State Bank of Burleson and one of the area's largest landholders and farmers. Descendents of his family have been involved in every facet of Burleson. His youngest son, George E. Bransom, Sr. was President of the Farmers & Merchants State Bank for many years. Items in this collection were scanned by Robert Griffith in September 2008 and appear on this website courtesy Alice Bransom, wife of George W. Bransom's grandson George E. Bransom, Jr.

Selected Deeds, Part 1

Warranty Deed from Robert Toombs to G.W. Bransom, March 5, 1881

This deed identifies acreage G.W. Bransom purchased from Robert Toombs, former U.S. Senator from Georgia in 1881.

Land purchased is described as, paraphrased: 40 acres out of Survey 14 and 20 acres out Survey 15 on the headwaters of Caddo Creek granted to the heirs of H.G. Catlett, received scrip and Patent 776, Vol. 2. Scrip for 640 acres each. BEGINNING at the N corner of 40 acres sold [?] of Survey 14 to John M. Ussery with stone from which a post oak bears S 44 degrees N 3 vars, another N 27 degrees E 4 vars. THENCE N 45 degrees E 475 vars to SW line of a tract sold to G.W. & B.H. Bransom. THENCE S 45 degrees 712.5 vars to corner between G.W. & B.H. Bransom and F.M. Self. THENCE S 45 degrees N 475 vars to Ussery's line. THENCE N 45 degrees W 712.5 vars to the place of BEGINNING. Containing 60 acres." Signed at Fort Worth, Tarrant County, by J.P. Smith and J.J. Jarvis (Attorneys in Fact for Robert Tombs), with W.P. Smith and C.M. Couch, witnesses."

Chattel Mortgage from J.W. Gardner to Goodloe & Bransom

This chattel mortgate states that J.W. Gardner borrowed $87.55 from the firm of Goodloe & Bransom and as collateral offered his "one 3 inch standard Newton Wagon" and "four bales of cotton to average not less than five hundred pounds to be delivered by me the said J.W. Gardner to the said Goodloe & Bransom [...] on or before the 1st Day of Oct 1895. The property herein conveyed shall stand good and be held by the said Goodloe & Bransom to cover and secure all other advances as hereafter made to me [...] under this contract."

Deed from G.M. Dodge to J.H. Bradford, June 8, 1897

This deed identifies the sale of lot 3 on block 13 in Burleson to J.H. Bradford. G.M. Dodge did not sign this deed; it is signed by J.T. Granger, his Attorney in Fact. To see the block, look at this high-resolution map of Burleson.

Warranty Deed from S.F. Hackney and wife, L.J. Hackney to Hattie May Landers, October 24, 1899

"In consideration of the sum of ($1.00) One Dollar, and the further consideration of the love and affection we have for our Daughter, Hettie May Landers, the receipt of said sum of money is hereby acknowledged have Granted, Bargained, Sold and Conveyed and by these Presents do Grant, Bargain, Sell and Convey unto the said Hettie May Landers of the county of Johnson and State of Texas [...] Lots Nos. (4) four and (5) five in Block No. (28) twenty eight in the town of Burleson in Johnson County Texas. [...] Witness our hands at Burleson Texas, this 21 day of October 1899."