George Washington Bransom Collection
By Robert Griffith, October 2008

George Washington Bransom (1843-1933) was Burleson's first mayor following incorporation, from 1912-1920 and again from 1924-1933. He was at one time Vice-President of the Continental State Bank of Burleson and one of the area's largest landholders and farmers. Descendents of his family have been involved in every facet of Burleson. His youngest son, George E. Bransom, Sr. was President of the Farmers & Merchants State Bank for many years. Items in this collection were scanned by Robert Griffith in September 2008 and appear on this website courtesy Alice Bransom, wife of George W. Bransom's grandson George E. Bransom, Jr.

Selected Documents, Part 2

Bill of sale from W.A. Orr & Company, Date Unknown
Orr succeeded S.F. Hackney in the lumber business in Burleson about 1910. Orr specialized in "Hardware, Lumber, Sash, Shingles, Paints, Oils, Brick, Lime, Cement, Wagons, Wall Paper, Etc." The person this bill concerns is not identified, although it appears they are buying lumber for a construction of or an addition to a house.

Endorsement Petition for Judge William Poindexter's Candidacy for Governor of Texas, ca. 1910
"We, the undersigned Democrats of Burleson and vicinity [...] hereby indorse (sic) the candidacy of Judge Wm. Poindexter for Governor, and agree to associate ourselves in a Democratic Club to promote his candidacy." The letter is signed by nearly every prominent businessman in Burleson, including: G.W. Dobson, Dr. J.F. Dunn, G.W. Bransom, C.C. Taylor, J.L. Sudberry, W.K. Middleton, R.L. Anderson, W.L. Russell, Claude Overton, Guy C. Brister, T.N. Pierce, Dr. L.H. Rudd, E.M. Wilson, O.B. Graham, A.G. Borah, Sam Armstrong, and A.H. Loyless.

Letter from W.N. and M.J. George acknowledging their debt of $1,750 to G.W. Bransom, December 19, 1911
Debt will be paid, "in lumber, nails, and other building material such is now kept in stock in our lumber yard and stock of hardware in the town of Burleson, to be taken out of said stock at the pleasure of the said G.W. Bransom, at regular reasonable cash prices for such material at the time of the delivery of the same as aforesaid."

"Straight Bill of Lading" from the Missouri, Kansas & Texas Railway Company of Texas, September 17, 1913
Receipt showing that G.W. Bransom is shipping bales of hay and other crops to T.H. Jenkins in Fort Worth.

Receipt to G.W. Bransom for the City of Burleson Corporation Tax, January 30, 1915
This receipt lists some of Bransom's land holdings at this time. Included are lots 3 and 4 in block 56, lots 1 through 5 in block 13, and part of lot 5 in block 3. To see the blocks Bransom owned, look at this high-resolution map of Burleson.

Receipt stub for G.W. Bransom from the Tarrant County Traction Company, March 1, 1919
The Tarrant County Traction Company, organized 1914 from the Fort Worth Southern Traction company, provided interurban service between Cleburne and Fort Worth as well as electricity.

Receipt to G.W. Bransom for payment of $2.50 to the Southwestern Telegraph and Telephone Company, March 15, 1919

Letter from Mayor J.E. Hoffman of Cleburne to the "Mayors and City Managers of Texas," March 22, 1933
The letter concerns a public hearing on House Bill 292, providing that "Highway license fees now allowed to be retained by the counties, shall be distributed to the county and incorporated cities and towns within the county in proportion to the number of vehicles registered from each." Hoffman is urging mayors and managers to "show our "interest by attending this hearing and pressing a favorable report." G.W. Bransom was Mayor of Burleson in 1933.