George Washington Bransom Collection
By Robert Griffith, October 2008

George Washington Bransom (1843-1933) was Burleson's first mayor following incorporation, from 1912-1920 and again from 1924-1933. He was at one time vice president of the Continental State Bank of Burleson and one of the area's largest landholders and farmers. Descendents of his family have been involved in every facet of Burleson. His youngest son, George E. Bransom, Sr. was President of the Farmers & Merchants State Bank for many years. Items in this collection were scanned by Robert Griffith in September 2008 and appear on this website courtesy Alice Bransom, wife of George W. Bransom's grandson George E. Bransom, Jr.

Selected Documents, Part 1

Promisory Note in the amount of $240 due to W.W. Leake, signed by Thomas J. Morris, November 29, 1892
Mentioned on the note appears to be Robert Toombs, heretofore described in Before Burleson.

Letter from Poindexter & Padelford, Attorneys at Law, to Thomas J. Morris, February 12, 1894
The handwriting is difficult to read, but it appears the letter references receipt of partial payment to W.W. Leake, perhaps a client of the firm. William Poindexter ran for Governor of Texas in 1910 against O.B. Colquitt, receiving 80,060 votes to Colquitt's 146,871.

Note Wesley Mills to H.C. Goodloe, January 25, 1895
"Mr. Goodloe will please let Mr. Adams have the amount of $7 dollars worth goods you can look to me for your money and oblige." Mr. Adams refers to John Adams, builder of the original Methodist Church in Burleson.

Receipt from the Lisk Manufacturing Company, Limited, to Goodloe & Bransom, January 11, 1894
Lisk advertised itself as, "The largest manufacturers of anti rusting tinware in the world."

Envelope from the Newton Wagon Company of Batavia, Illinois to Goodloe & Bransom, postmarked February 13, 1895

Promisory Note in the amount of $400 due to the Continental Bank & Trust Company of Burleson dated August 12, 1904
Signed by George W. Bransom for the partnership of Bransom, Overton & Kornegay, being G.W. Bransom, A.W. Overton, and Charles Kornegay.

Receipt to G.W. Bransom in payment of State and [Johnson] County Taxes for 1905
The receipt lists much of Bransom's land holdings in 1905, including nearly 900 acres and eleven-plus lots in seven blocks around Burleson, valued at $12,770. To see the blocks Bransom owned, look at this high-resolution map of Burleson.

Johnson County Poll Tax Receipt for George W. Bransom, October 13, 1906

Receipt to the Burleson Real Estate Company for payment of $8 in dues to the Texas Real Estate [?] Association, April 2, 1907
There is not a record of the Burleson Real Estate Company in any other papers of G.W. Bransom or in Burleson - The First One Hundred Years.